Community Church of Atascadero Goals


“We the Community Church of Atascadero, have chosen a hybrid of Mission Redefinition and Restart to embark on a revitalization process that will meet our goal of insuring our viability as a congregation by providing meaningful missions within our community. We will do this in the following ways: 

A. Have a more visible and effective Open and Affirming program in our community with an emphasis on providing meaningful support for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals. 

B. Improve our effective use of resources to support social justice missions in the community, 

C. Provide distinctive messaging of Community Church of Atascadero and our missions to our community such as exploring a name change and new signage, 

D. Create Sunday worship services that are more relevant to our contemporary society, welcoming of visitors, and that strengthen bonds within our church family and our community, 

E. Evaluate the church structure, including Church Council and the Ministries, 

F. Study Progressive Christianity and consider its holistic approach as a guide to redefining our mission, 

G. Explore sharing our facility with other faith communities"



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